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Thread: Online Java-Based x86 Emulator

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    Online Java-Based x86 Emulator

    "Researchers at Oxford University have produced a Java-based x86 emulator that they hope will be useful in testing applications and learning about viruses without damaging the host, utilizing the robust sandboxing that Java provides. They have an online demo available that boots DOS and has some games to play. Being purely Java, this emulator should be able to run on almost anything, including cell phones."

    Quite interesting!!

    They have Lemmings,Prince of Persia and Mario available

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    Re: Online Java-Based x86 Emulator

    Wow, that bring backs the memory of playing 8 bit games in the 90's. Although there are software emualtors for the playstation games as well that can be played on pc, nothing can beat the old school gaming though. What's more important is that this can be played on the onboard motherboard graphics as well.

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    Nothing is as good as it was in the 80s!!!!!! (Games in the early 80s were excellent and MUCHO BETTER than the crap out now! (Which is meant to brainwash people))

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