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Thread: Chrome 18 error "SSL Security Error: Invalid Server Certificate"

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    Chrome 18 error "SSL Security Error: Invalid Server Certificate"

    Recently I have updated Google Chrome with latest version. Dont know why but while visiting to some website I get SSL “Security Error: Invalid Server Certificate" error message.

    My computer is running on Windows 7. So far I noticed this particular issue with Facebook and Gmail. Let me know if you have noticed the same issue. Also tell me if you are having specific solution to help me out. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Chrome 18 error "SSL Security Error: Invalid Server Certificate"

    Right now I am suggesting a temporary solution that you can try. First of all you should close Chrome and browse to following location.

    C:\Users\&USER&\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

    Now you should find out and delete chrome_shutdown_ms.txt file.

    Now restart Chrome and see whether it helps you out .

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    Re: Chrome 18 error "SSL Security Error: Invalid Server Certificate"

    Most probably server shows security certificate is invalid error while trying to access website such as Gmail or Facebook. It means Google Chrome is unable to interact with their servers. In such situation you will need to set clock and time zone properly. To do the same follow the instructions.

    From Windows Taskbar you should open Date/Time Setting and set proper Date and Time.
    Now click on Internet Time Zone tab and click on Update Now. It would result into Sync of Internet Server Timing. Once it is completed it will notify you with a message.

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    Re: Chrome 18 error "SSL Security Error: Invalid Server Certificate"

    I have noticed number of users who are having same kind of problem. Also while searching on the Google I read somewhere that above mentioned issue is being caused due to bug in Google Chrome. it won’t allow the user to get into Google Service which requires SSL. Right now there is no permanent fix is available for above mentioned problem. Currently temporarily work around for above mentioned problem is that you will need to reinstall browser on the computer. However the issue would reappear as soon as you restart the browser. I am hoping the Chrome developer would fix the above mentioned issue as early as possible.

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