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Thread: How to wipe out cache and other settings of Flash Player ?

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    How to wipe out cache and other settings of Flash Player ?

    Well I am having simple query to ask you about. I had already mentioned the same in the title itself. I am looking to clear out cache on Flash Player which I have installed on my computer. Can you tell me how can I achieve the same? Any help on this particular matter will be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: How to wipe out cache and other settings of Flash Player ?

    Looking at the situation I recommend that you should get Setting Manager for Flash Player which you have installed on the system. Now you have to go for website Storage settings or you can also click on Website Storage Settings. Have a look on the bottom of the screen. You will see extracts of flash content remained on the system. now delete the desired website simply click on Delete website button.

    Whenever it prompts click on Confirm button. To delete all sites simply click on Delete all sites button. Click on Confirm when it ask for a confirmation for deleting. It might be possible that third parties might try to store on your system, if that is the case I would recommend that you should not select Allow Third-Party Content To Store Data On Your Computer.

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    Re: How to wipe out cache and other settings of Flash Player ?

    By using Global Storage Settings panel, any user will be able to do following things :
    • Changing storage settings of website
    • selecting desired website into Visited Websites list

    It does provides following options that you would like to know about. If you are not wanted to store any information about application running on the website on the computer, also you wanted to configure in manner so that it should not ask ever in the future, simply choose Never Ask Again.

    In case you wanted to allow to store information of application of any website as per the situation, you need to move slider to left side. Whenever you do the same, it would prompt you that an application on the website wanted to store information on the computer. So it will ask for your permission to store. When you move the slider all the way to right all information regarding an application running on website should be stored.

    Finally if you wanted to allow application running on the website to save all the information, however disk consumption should be limited then, simply set slider to 10 KB, 100 KB, 1 MB, or 10 MB. You will be able to set some more disk space when allotted space is full and it prompts for more space.

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