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Thread: Looking for Bookmark Sidebar for Firefox 13

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    Looking for Bookmark Sidebar for Firefox 13

    I am using Hp laptop and I have windows 7 operating system. I was using internet explorer in my computer but I was not happy with it as most of the time it was crashing and because of that I have downloaded Mozilla Firefox 13 browser and installed in my computer and i found it very user friendly. Main advantage with Firefox 13 is that I can download online videos with the help video download helper add-on.

    The only thing I want to know is about Bookmark Sidebar. I have opened bookmarks manger and then imported my bookmarks from the internet explorer. In internet explorer I was use to mange my bookmarks with the help of favorites side bar but I donít know whether Firefox have same option or not? Is there any way to have Bookmark sidebar or is there any add-on available for it? Please help me out with this.

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    Re: Looking for Bookmark Sidebar for Firefox 13

    Yes Mozilla Firefox does have Bookmarks side bar which will allow you to manage your all the bookmarks with the ease. To enable Bookmark sidebar you have to press alt key and then go to the view option. Now after selecting the view option you have to click on the sidebar and then choose bookmarks option. After selecting the bookmarks option you will see the bookmarks sidebar. You can also get Bookmark sidebar with the by pressing CTRL+B key.

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    Re: Looking for Bookmark Sidebar for Firefox 13

    I am using Delicious Bookmarks add-on in the Mozilla Firefox. The bookmarks sidebar which comes with the Mozilla Firefox is very basic but Delicious Bookmarks have many good features such as we can share our bookmarks with friends, it will allow you to synchronize your bookmarks so that you can access your all the bookmarks from any other PC. With the Tag feature you can easily manage your bookmarks.

    When you install Delicious Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox after that you will see three buttons on the navigation bar. One button is for the Delicious Bookmarks, another is for the bookmark sidebar and one for tags. When you select Bookmark sidebar button at that time you will see Bookmark sidebar window with your all bookmarks and which you can sort according to tags given to it. If you have so many Bookmarks then you can also find required bookmark that with the help of search box. You can get Delicious Bookmarks from the official Mozilla Firefox Add-on page.

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