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Thread: Images fails to load properly after updating Firefox 12

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    Images fails to load properly after updating Firefox 12

    Hey guys, I have HP Pavilion G7 laptop in which and running Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. I am using Mozilla Firefox web browser for internet surfing. Recently I upgraded my Mozilla Firefox version from 10.1 to version 12 and some problems occurred afterwards. I notice that some pictures are not loaded properly after this upgrade and Browser is working little bit slow. When I open some websites, at that time pictures and logos are not displaying at all. I uninstalled and reinstalled it again but I am still facing the same problem. I never got this kind of problem in my browser. Please suggest me the appropriate solution for this problem.

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    Re: Images fails to load properly after updating Firefox 12

    I am always using Mozilla Firefox as web browser in my windows XP machine. I really love Mozilla and no other browser competes to Mozilla Firefox. And even I faced a similar problem like yours after updating Mozilla. Few of the pictures and website were not loading after the updates. So, I wrote about this problem in to Mozilla and got a solution. They gave me some steps or method to follow and I hope that it will also help you to solve the issue.

    1. First Uninstall Mozilla Firefox.
    2. Clear cache, registry files and Temporary file by using any tool like Ccleaner.
    3. Restart your computer.
    4. Download latest version of Mozilla Firefox from official Website of Mozilla.
    5. Install it in your Machine.
    6. Install the plug-ins as per your requirement and Update it.
    7. Enjoy

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    Re: Images fails to load properly after updating Firefox 12

    I also got this same problem after updating to Firefox 12. No images were loaded when opening some website. And when I checked that same website on another browser and it was working fine and all pictures were also loading properly. I even reinstalled the firefox browser that didnt solve the case. I also tried to solve it by clearing cache, history and temporary files but still same problem arrived. Many users are having same problem and Mozilla has also not released proper update or patch to rectify this problem. After some intense search on internet, I finally got proper solution for this issue. By mistake I unchecked the “load images automatically” option from setting that’s why some images were not loading. So after when I checked it From Tools>> Options>> content>> check “load images automatically”, all images and website started loading properly. I hope that will help you.

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