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Thread: I need an advice for my social network members for new domain

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    I need an advice for my social network members for new domain

    Hello pro. I just have a little problem and in need an imediate answer please. Am already having a social with over 10000 free member. And revenue mainly google adsence, cpm and banner ad sales. But the plan i actually had for the site is not what was in place cos i bought the theme. So now am having the money to hire a webdeveloper to give me my actual taste. Which is total different from what am having. So i taught of building the new one and like auto shifting the other old to the new one without distubing the users. And the domain will be redirected. Please pro in the house advice me on what to do. Thanks

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    Re: I need an advice for my social network members for new domain

    It actually depends on you how you want your domain to be. If you want to provide a new interface to your members, then it will hamper your existing website condition. Re-direction can help you here to migrate your users slowly to your new interface. But that might take time, it is not a one day process. What is important here is not loosing the existing member neither hampering the website condition which will directly impact your revenue. You will have to consult with some experience SEO guy or a web developer who can guide you on this. Talk to multiple people, or go on online forums based on seo or web development and collect suggestions. On that basis only go for any changes. A web-developer will do the same what you will tell him. He might not advice or guide you like a web analyst can do.

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