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Thread: How to download apps outside android market?

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    question How to download apps outside android market?

    Hey there. I am a new member and i am having trouble with download a certain application onto my phone that is not on the android market. The phone is the Sony Ericsson XPERIA. It is not the new one that plays psp games. I have looked in the settings and can not find a setting that says "allow applications from outside sources" or anything like it. Any advice given would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: How to download apps outside android market?

    Well, you can download apps from outside android market, if you want, just go to settings in mobile phone and then go to applications and then there look for "Allow downloads from sources aside from market" check the box then there you go. And normally, unknown Sources allow installation of non-market applications.
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    I have tried looking in the settings and hitting the applications thing but all thats there is "Manage Applications" "Running Services" and "Development". When i clack on Development, the only options are USB debugging, Stay Awake, and Allow mock locations, and none of these work. i know how to do it with most android phones i just cant seem to do it with the one i have now

    Thanks you for the advice but i figured it out last night. hehe.

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