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Thread: Facebook App Center, What it include?

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    Facebook App Center, What it include?

    The "App Center" offers users the first time an overview of the many Facebook applications. The design draws heavily on the great role models in the industry, Apple's successful App Store and Google play. Categories such as "Games", "News," "music" or "lifestyle" focus on almost endless supply of photographic services, games and messaging applications. Especially high-quality apps to be presented on the homepage in the future. This evaluates the votes from Facebook and the number of downloads. Each program will also have its own detail page that explains the users, the specificities of the app. The necessary access permissions are listed there.

    A special feature of the Facebook App store

    Depending on the platform utilized like PC, Android or IOS, only compatible apps will be displayed as long as they allow a Facebook access. If the user wants to install one of these apps, it will be forwarded directly to the respective software market and needs to install the program from there. Earn the commissions, the supplier with the downloads of apps remain so further into the hands of Apple and Google - for now. Because with the new platform paves the way for Facebook apps, browser-paid basis, bypassing the competing platforms. With specially designed Web Apps Facebook could earn in the future own money.

    One of the innovations introduced with the new App Store, in fact, is the emerging opportunity for developers to sell their apps through a special channel (transferring 30% of revenue for Facebook, of course). To be able to put on display its own application in the App Center, the developer must follow a set of rules and rely on the judgment of Facebook.

    With its 900 million users and 500 million on mobile, the App Center Facebook could quickly establish itself as the reference search engine applications, much like Google for web search. You can find all the major app is currently available for mobile, related by an appropriate fact sheet and a disclaimer for use on Facebook. The Android user (or Apple) can limit the search to the app available for your mobile device. In addition, you can give one vote to each app, and reorder them according to the success.

    Create the details page of your app

    All developers need to create a detail page on your app, as crucial to be listed in the App Center page is the destination to which users come together to try your application on Facebook. You can create a detail page in the section of the app developers. You can upload pictures, provide additional information and configure the permissions required by the APA.

    Paid apps

    Many developers have had success with the app fee, so Facebook will provide payment methods that allow people to pay a flat fee to use an app on Facebook.

    Starting in the coming weeks

    With the App Center suggests Facebook two birds with one stone: on the one hand opens up new payment apps, lucrative business. The company also offers the top developers new incentives to the network with more than 900 million to support users: There may also target groups are reached, the use of either smartphones or tablet, but is still playing games like "Angry Birds" or time- apps as enthusiastic about "Draw Something". By the way the company gets more precise user profiles, making Facebook more attractive to advertisers.

    The launch of the software platform will be announced in the coming weeks, possibly even the starting signal for the IPO on 18 May.

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    Re: Facebook App Center, What it include?

    Every app should have a description page that will help you decide: do not install or reinstall? Help should also user reviews. Developers stand a tool available that can determine the ratings of their apps and graphically as graphs', respectively. Poorly rated apps to fly from the center. Facebook App Center expects a boost for the content of good apps, but who have so far received little attention. Anyone who uses the app center on his smartphone or tablet gets displayed only apps that are supported by their device.

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    Re: Facebook App Center, What it include?

    For HTML applications would mean the App Center is a clear growth, because now there is a central point of contact with a large target audience. However, if an application needs to install, you should have access to Facebook account from your device. There are some out there, but still of the opinion that apps have no future and everything shifted back toward web presence. Be true to that, and then Facebook in the next few weeks will go a significant step in that direction. The App Center will provide the next opportunity for paid applications, by the way also in-app purchases in free applications.

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    Re: Facebook App Center, What it include?

    The new App Center - not to be confused with the already available since 2009 and broke in the last few months past the application directory - the iTunes Store or Google Play is a way upstream. Another choice is Facebook not because the manufacturers cannot install from a third party and for good reason.

    Two things more exciting is the new solution, however. First, the customer will be brought even closer to the social network. Even for finding and applications - from Facebook's point of view certainly in particular - must leave the playing platform is no longer in the future. The real highlight should be on the other hand in the recommendations. With its unmatched database Facebook wants better than Apple, Google and Microsoft know which apps for each customer could be interesting.

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