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Thread: Windows live messenger down, Error 81000605

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    Windows live messenger down, Error 81000605

    I am using Windows live messenger and it seems to be out of action now a days. Whenever I try to login it gives an error 8100065 now how am I going to know what is this error 8100065 as it is occurring since last two days and it is very frustrating. I hope there is some solution to get rid of this because if it is really very irritating. Please suggest me some solutions as soon as possible as it’s been two days I am not able to have a chat word with my friends. So I hope someone has some simple solutions for this.

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    Re: Windows live messenger down, Error 81000605

    This is the common error which many people are facing due to the new updates of Windows Live Messenger. To address this problem repair and reinstall the Windows Live Messenger and it will work perfectly. There are some simple steps that you should perform. First close Windows live messenger if it is not closed, then go to the Start Menu and select Control Panel and go to Add/Remove Programs. From the list of programs select “Windows live Essentials” click on “Remove” and then click on “Repair” wait till the wizard finishes the repairing work. After that it may prompt you to restart the system do that and check now if you are still facing the same error.

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    Re: Windows live messenger down, Error 81000605

    Delete the cache files of the messenger by following the steps and it may help you solve the problem you are facing;
    - Right click on the start button and then click explorer it will open the “windows explorer”. Click on “Tools” from the menu bar and then click “Folder Options”. Click the “View tab” in the advanced settings list, select show hidden files and folders under Hidden files and folders. Click to clear the hide extensions for known file type’s check box. Click “OK” to close the folder options Window.
    - Now delete the Contacts Cache folder. To do so right-click start and then click “Explorer” to open the Windows Explorer Window now locate the following folders and delete all the files inside them:
    C:\Documents and Settings\ Your Windows logon name \Contacts\ Your Messenger e-mail address
    C:\Documents and Settings\ Your Windows logon name \Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts\ Your Messenger email address
    Hope this helps you to discard your error and enjoy t services of Windows Live Messenger.

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    Re: Windows live messenger down, Error 81000605

    Sometimes this error can also be due to the AVG 8.0 Internet security software. The following steps can help you in addressing the error by configuring the AVG 8.0 software’s web shield.
    • Open the AVG interface
    • Double click on the web shield component
    • Now switch on the instant messaging tab
    • Uncheck instant messaging protection option.
    • Click on “Save Changes” to confirm the changes

    Even after these issues persist then try to deactivate the Web Shield component completely. If your are still unable to connect to the windows Live Messenger service then check the setting of the AVG Firewall component.

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