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Thread: Firefox 12 automatically changes my persona theme when I bookmark a page

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    Firefox 12 automatically changes my persona theme when I bookmark a page

    There is a strange problem with my web browser. Right now my computer using Firefox 12 as a default browser. The issue is whenever I bookmark any page, it changes my persona theme automatically and applies a different one which I have never downloaded or installed in that. This looks quite strange and seems like it is a default behavior of Firefox 12. I had the same problem with Firefox 11 but I have solved it. I donít know how and even I donít remember the steps. Same problem again appeared on this update. Do you have any solutions?

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    Re: Firefox 12 automatically changes my persona theme when I bookmark a page

    Did you try switching to the default theme? It looks like a cause of some third party theme, may be extension or plug-in. it would be better if you always use a default theme which will not cause any kind of problem in my experience. To set the default theme. Click on Tools menu> Add-ons. Add-ons Manager tab will open. Choose the select Appearance panel and there select the default theme. Finally click on Enable button, to make Firefox switch to default theme. Sometime it may ask you to restart the firefox to apply the theme. Now test your problem. If it no longer occurs, then the theme which you are using might be faulty. Reply me with your results if possible.

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    Re: Firefox 12 automatically changes my persona theme when I bookmark a page

    Personas from Firefox version 3.6 has revolutionized the way we see the themes and in some sense the look of your browser from Mozilla. Themes available for Personas are so many that no longer counted. They are available in various categories, so it is very easy to find a suitable theme to your liking. By default when you install Personas and once set a theme is not allowed changing it m0do automatically after you set a amount of time. Although it is a function created by a small extension for the Mozilla browser, you can automatically change the subject to rotation among the many personas are offered and available to users. Personas Rotator is very easy to use addon name to see more and different Personas changed automatically. The component should be added after you installed Personas. Next by installing Personas Rotator you can set various options that we offer the add-on (time to change theme and other similar. You should aware about this. It is not the Firefox doing.

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    Re: Firefox 12 automatically changes my persona theme when I bookmark a page

    I assume that it is the problem with new skins or themes. New skins for Firefox have become very popular these days, now with the ease of installing just one click and in seconds, nobody can resist them. I have heard that this kind of problem also occurs when the settings of an extension override Firefox settings. So it is necessary to check the extension's settings all the time in case if you find strange behavior with your Firefox browser. You have to find the option or certain extension that is causing the browser to change the theme automatically or when you bookmark a page. To check it:
    • Go to Tools> Extensions.
    • Choose the extension which might be the culprit and click on Option button.
    • Click the settings to see if there is an option that might solve your problem.
    • If you come across a appropriate option, click Save and Restart

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