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Thread: Contents unreadable in Firefox 10.0.2 with Windows 8 consumer preview

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    Contents unreadable in Firefox 10.0.2 with Windows 8 consumer preview

    I was previously with windows 7 and then after the release of windows consumer preview, thought trying it. I am not satisfied with internet explorer as I have been using firefox for my online purposes and am addicted to its use. Internet explorer can be classified for intense security and it s play a major role. But I likes the way Mozilla responds, I am currently with Firefox 10.0.2 version and have encountered several issues regarding display of the content on some sites. It seems that there is some color change and the content seems to be unreadable. All my tabs and pulldown menu seems to be OK with no issues. So what could be the concerned issue. I made several attempts with starting Firefox in safe-mode but was with no positive result.

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    re: Contents unreadable in Firefox 10.0.2 with Windows 8 consumer preview

    So the first thing , I will suggest you is to use fresh profile and there should be no themes on firefox as well. I was with same issues as this is still happening even in the most recent nightly build in Windows 8 CP. I had an clean profile or else custom. I was using Default skin, something like a Persona. I made some check for my graphics driver as they might be the reason for the same. Using most recent nVidia 295.73 which is made to labor in Windows 8 CP. I later made some checks in hardware configurations and after disabling HA and restarting browser. It was all fixed. I later tried with Aurora on Win 8 and it was also working fine. Hardware Acceleration is on , by means of HD 5670 graphics card. And according to me, I think a lot of issues will be dependent on your hardware aceration along with drivers and the version of firefox.

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    re: Contents unreadable in Firefox 10.0.2 with Windows 8 consumer preview

    I am having same issues . but in my case, the "addons" tab background turns form its actual white to light blue to dark blue when I tend to scroll it. In addition , I also experience some more issues as Firefox button which is present in upper left has a strange fault on it that comes and goes and when I had glance on the add on button, it does not display properly. Updating the drivers along with the video card are tried earlier. But no positive consequences. The issue persisted both with the GeForce 296.17 along with 301.24. it was working great in windows 7 version. as well as the Metro brought a latest system, Start+P now has PC screen only, Duplicate, Extend, an Second Screen Only. So can you state me further reasons regarding same.

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    re: Contents unreadable in Firefox 10.0.2 with Windows 8 consumer preview

    I will provide some further help regarding the same. Until the Firefox don’t update to fix the issue of Windows 8 compatibility, you can relate this fix. so what you can try is with Browsing to URL: about:config which is like an registry just for Mozilla Firefox settings. And then you need to search for: gfx.direct2d.disable and you need to set true. What you are basically doing is disabling Direct2D, or GPU-accelerated 2D graphics, in the browser. Windows 8 will tend to handle it slightly in a different way than Windows 7, which Firefox hasn't fixed on with yet. If that does not solve your issue, you need to follow the steps provided under to update the drivers and then press Windows key +P along with choose Multiple Monitor.Then you need to select device manager from the start icon and then right-click on the ‘Video card’ and then select ‘Update driver software’.

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