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Thread: Firefox 12 loads YahooMail with https but fails to open

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    Firefox 12 loads YahooMail with https but fails to open

    After installing the Firefox 12, I have decided to put my all time favorite add-on to this browser and that is force tls. This add-on serves all websites via HTTPS in the future. This will help you in terms of insecure session with certain sites. This add-on is also compatible with Strict Transport Security. Then I have added the YahooMail URL to in order to force the window to open it with https but I could not able to get it open. For that reason I have removed the force tls add-on from Firefox. Even after this also, I am not able to open the YahooMail since it always defaults to https. I can open the YahooMail in other browser and there won’t be a problem.

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    Re: Firefox 12 loads YahooMail with https but fails to open

    In the browser's cache there are only "temporary files" related to the content of previously visited sites. It has nothing to do with "browsing history" (-> list of sites visited) and "modules". But Sometimes in Firefox there is a "mismatch" between the cache and sites to visit and this can prevent the correct display of the page. So it would be better to delete all cache and cookies regularly without fear (though being careful not to delete other things!). Other than this you should also check the settings to manage cookies in Firefox. Also try to add Yahoo Mail in the Exception. To do this Go to Tools and choose Option> Security> exception to add your yahoo.

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    Re: Firefox 12 loads YahooMail with https but fails to open

    Empty the cache, is the first test to do in cases like yours. The cache is a computer memory that stores data temporarily used previously. A browser when you visit a site, first check the cache area to see if those data are already available and if so, picks them up faster loading. If you do not empty the cache:
    • You can see the pages you already visited without having to be connected to the Internet
    • Loading is faster because the browser is not asking the site data, takes you directly precisely those already stored by the cache.

    If you do not empty the cache, you can see the many web pages not updated because the browser rather than to waste your time uploading makes you see what you saw earlier.
    One consequence could be a bad display of a site already visited. Someone takes even the Firefox cache to zero, I simply empty the cache from time to time.

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    Re: Firefox 12 loads YahooMail with https but fails to open

    If you use Firefox, start it (via the start menu) in Safe Mode boot. Then you need to load with no plug-ins, extensions, etc because you may get cleanest result. If you cannot reproduce the problem, then it is probably the easiest to make a new Firefox profile. If that new profile works then you can always (via MozBackup) transfer your current settings to this new profile.

    Secondly, the extension Adblock (Plus) installed?

    You can check this by clicking on "Tools" - go> "extensions" and whether there looked is noted in the window Adblock or Adblock Plus.

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    Re: Firefox 12 loads YahooMail with https but fails to open

    Uninstall Firefox again. Before uninstalling, retrieve your bookmarks as already proposed.
    • Go into the Control Panel>add & remove programs> uninstall -> Firefox.
    • During the uninstall Firefox, remove all agree,
    • check -> delete all my files.
    • After uninstalling, reboot the PC, then goes in: C \ program files and delete the file -> Mozilla Firefox.
    • Then the procedure proposed is to remove the keys in the register.
    • Go to Start, Run, type: regedit and OK.
    • At the top, click on Edit, search (Ctrl + F), type: Mozilla, check the boxes keys, values, and data do next.
    • The search begins when a file appears, remove anything that is against Mozilla, then F3 to continue doing research and do the same until the end of the research.
    • Redo the same procedure by typing: Firefox.
    • Closes the register, and then starts again in CCleaner to clean windows, applications and register.
    • Install -> Firefox

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