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Thread: Why 2 windows are needed to run Firefox 12?

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    Why 2 windows are needed to run Firefox 12?

    from past couple of days I am getting an interesting issue with Firefox.. I need to launch couple of Firefox windows in order to make use of Firefox. The 1sr Firefox window is getting freeze and I need to shutdown the system in order to close it forcefully. While browsing a website I got prompt saying that I am using unsecure version in order to update. Hence I have updated the browser but it did not worked for me at all. the freezing issue with browser was still persisting. Even while browsing again I got the same kind of error message. Let me know why above mentioned issue is happening. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Why 2 windows are needed to run Firefox 12?

    As far as I know you will be able to resolve normal freezing issue by simply restarting your computer. it seems to be an essential solution if you wanted to kill firefox.exe as well as plugincontainer.exe. however I am suggesting below mentioned solution which you can give try.
    • The above mentioned issue might be happening because of multiple copies of Session restore file are created.
    • You should simply open Profile Folder. If you are running Windows XP then you should click on Firefox button on browser and you have to click on Help menu.
    • Here you have to look for Troubleshooting Information, it would result into Opening of Troubleshooting Information tab.,
    • From Application Basics section you have to click on Open Containing Folder. It would open a Windows which should be having profile files.
    • Now you have to locate and delete sessionstore.js file and see whether it is working or not.
    • Also you can cease Firefox session by making use of Option available into Orange Firefox Button.

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    Re: Why 2 windows are needed to run Firefox 12?

    Hey thanks a lot for the prompt replies of yours. I wanted to provide some additional information which can help you to get exact root cause of the issue. I have noticed that one of Window not detected by Task Manager itself. You will be able to right click on Taskbar to launch new Window. However if you try to launch new tab then you will see that new tab is visible but it is not loading at all. also new tab is not responding. I have never heard anything about that each browser should be listed couple of times in task manager. I am wondering that first window is having smaller size as compare to another one. As first window of Firefox is not responding because there is 1 reference to Firefox into the process list of Task Manager.

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    Re: Why 2 windows are needed to run Firefox 12?

    I have noticed that there are some graphics card and graphics driver setups causing Firefox to freeze when it is using hardware acceleration. Hence you should turn off hardware acceleration and see whether it helps you out or not.
    1. You should launch Firefox on your system if it is already closed. From Firefox windows you have to click on Firefox button and click on Options.
    2. Now you have to go for Advanced panel and click on General.
    3. After that you have to uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available. Checkbox.
    4. Now click on Exit from Firefox File menu.
    5. After that you should launch browser on your system and see whether it is working or not.
    6. If issue seems to be resolved than issue was happening because of hardware acceleration hence I am suggesting that you should updated graphic drivers or you should continue usage of Firefox without using hardware acceleration.

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    Re: Why 2 windows are needed to run Firefox 12?

    Looking at the situation I am suspecting that bad profile might causing an issue. in order to figure out whether issue is caused by bad profile you have to create a new profile and test situation by using new one. In case it resolved the issue then you should migrate all the data to new profile. It consist of following steps.

    See that you have close Firefox completely.

    Now you should click on start button and click on Run. In Run dialog box you have to click enter
    ‘firefox.exe –p’ without quotes and click on Ok button.
    In case it does not work then you might need to mentioned full path of Firefox which I have mentioned below.
    On 32-bit Windows: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" –p
    On 64-bit Windows: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" –p
    Also see that Firefox is not running in the background. It might cause did not opening of Profile Manage. You should close all instances of Firefox or simply reboot your computer.

    Now in order to create a new profile you click on Create Profile into Profile Manager.

    After you have to click on Next and enter desire name . also you can mentioned desire location where you wanted to store your newly created profile. To do the same you have to click on Choose Folder.

    Click on Finish button in order to create a new profile.

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    Re: Why 2 windows are needed to run Firefox 12?

    In order to figure out which extension is culprit I recommend that you should disable all extensions. You can perform following steps to figure out the entire thing.
    • From Firefox windows you should click on Firefox button and click on Add-Ons button. It will launch Add-ons Manager.
    • Go for Extension panel from Add-ons Manager tab.
    • Now you have to click on name of extension from the list so that you can select the same.
    • Now disable extension by clicking on Disable button.
    • To do the same for every single extension left.
    • Finally restart browser and see whether it is making any difference in the situation.
    • In case problem still persisting than localstore.rdf file located into Firefox is corrupted.
    • You can resolve the issue reset toolbars and controls and let me know about the result,

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