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Thread: Firefox 12 fails to remember Passwords

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    Firefox 12 fails to remember Passwords

    I am tired of this same old thing again and again. I was facing the same problem in Firefox 11 felt like that the new version will have something better to offer but the same thing goes with the new version also, both the versions of Firefox 11 and 12 do not save or remember passwords. I freshly installed Firefox 12 thought that at least this version will help to save passwords but nothing of that sorts is offered. I read about 20 articles and tried as many as solutions I can. The Always use primitive session is not ticked. I have not installed any plug-ins. The Remember Passwords for sites is ticked and it’s nothing about protected sites. I tried the Firefox Safe mode, it offers password save. But when I again come back to normal mode the problem exists. There are no Add-ons to be disabled.
    Please solve this as it is last drop for me.

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    Re: Firefox 12 fails to remember Passwords

    I was having a same problem even my passwords were not being saved on any of the websites. I tried the Safe Mode option and after that came to know that there were some Add-ons because of which it was happening. So I deleted the Add-ons and the problem was solved for me but it seems that you have already tried the Safe mode option and as you said there are no Add-ons on your system. While looking for the solutions on Google I found out that there are few other things because of which this problem can occur. I’ll suggest you two things just try them; it may help you sort out your problems.

    1. Try to disable Hardware Acceleration
      Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Browsing: “Use Hardware Acceleration when Available”
    2. If you are using the Firefox Private Browsing feature, no passwords will be saved automatically. You have to make sure that it does not says (private Browsing) at the top of the Firefox Window. If it does say (Private Browsing), end the Private Browsing session by clicking the “Tools” from Menu bar and selecting “Stop Private Browsing”.

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    Re: Firefox 12 fails to remember Passwords

    Hey, I can understand the problem you are facing right now because of the browser it becomes really very irritating when things are not working as you want them to. There are so many different settings for the same thing it’s really very frustrating when none of them works. Even I was about to quit using Firefox and switch to some other browser but thank god I got a good solution for this problem. Sometimes passwords get automatically cleared while clearing the history, cookie or the Cache of the Browser in such situations we should save the passwords in a different way. There are some steps which will help us to save the passwords permanently into our systems.

    1. Go to “Tools” and select “Options”.
    2. Select the “Privacy Panel”
    3. If Firefox will is set to Use Custom Settings for history and Clear history when Firefox closes is Selected, Click on “Settings” Button.
    4. Make sure that you don’t select the saved password
    5. Click “OK” to close the option window.

    By doing this Firefox is configured to not clear your password when closing.

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