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Thread: How to rapidly reload all tabs in Firefox 12

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    How to rapidly reload all tabs in Firefox 12

    I usually play online games and I need a Good browser which is capable to reload several pages rapidly. If there is a separate key or button to do so, it would be very much helpful. Currently to do this I have to go to offline mode, click the refresh button or go button on 4 pages and go online, then hold enter to rapidly hit yes to each box which are appearing when the browser goes online so that it can send 4 attacks to land at the same moment. But now with Firefox 12 it just does the one tab then stops and the loading is not accurate at all. This method seems very bad for this new version browser. Is there any way around?

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    Re: How to rapidly reload all tabs in Firefox 12

    If you remember, some time Firefox has introduced the option to load tabs only when you click on it, making it the fastest browser in the presence of many tabs open, at first, however, did not work with all boards, but from Firefox 12 things have changed with the addition of a feature in about: config.If you have Firefox 12, or any version of Firefox higher than 12, and you want the tabs to load only after having clicked on, type about: config in the address bar and search: browser.sessionstore.restore_pinned_tabs_on_demand Double click on the item you just found so as to set its value to true. This option will not work until the Preferences tab, under the General tab, do not select "Do not charge cards before they are selected." Restart Firefox and the changes will be applied permanently.

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    Re: How to rapidly reload all tabs in Firefox 12

    To keep the system responsive even when many tabs open simultaneously, some of you previously used the BarTab extension for Firefox (mainly BarTab allowed to only load the tabs at the request). If BarTab has not been updated for Firefox 4, the latter proposed, among other refinements , a new configuration parameter: browser.sessionstore.max_concurrent_tabs . Set to 0, Firefox passed roughly the behavior of BarTab. With Firefox 12, this setting will be replaced by browser.sessionstore.restore_on_demand which should be set to True to get the equivalent of the previous setting. More simply, you can make this adjustment directly from the Firefox preferences window, General tab, and Startup paragraph by checking "Do not load the tabs as they are not selected"

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    Re: How to rapidly reload all tabs in Firefox 12

    If it's not necessarily a shortcut must be, there's a solution without additional installable add-on. Your options are as follows:
    • Without Add-On: You can go click on one of the tabs with the right mouse button and reload all tabs on. Maybe that's enough already.
    • With Add-On: If it really must be a shortcut, access to extension keyconfig. Download it and click keyconfig.xpi and then click Allow. After installing a few seconds now and then clicking Restart Now. Now restart Firefox, and keyconfig is installed.

    "Reload all tabs new" to create the custom keyboard shortcut for this is fairly easy if you follow these instructions:
    • Open the Firefox menu, go to Add-ons and extensions. Click on Settings at keyconfig.
    • Click New to add shortcuts and tap on "Name" for example "All Tabs Reload" one. Code exactly as you use this command (it does not contain spaces):
    • gBrowser.reloadAllTabs ()
    • Click OK, click in the list to the new command, then click into an empty small box below the list.
    • Now press once the desired key combination, such as Ctrl + Shift + F5. Apply now and closing. Now you can load with the key combination Ctrl + Shift + F5 all newly opened tabs.

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    Re: How to rapidly reload all tabs in Firefox 12

    For Firefox, there is add-on named ReloadAll, which offers you to take control over the way you would like to reload the tabs. You can select the tabs which are have to reload and it comes with customizable shortcut keys in order to make tabs easier for you. This ReloadAll add-on also allow you to reload all the tabs at one go.
    • It features a selection tool to reload a few or selected tabs without touching rest. .
    • Version 0.9.5 remembers last reloaded tabs
    • You can also stop all tabs that currently loading.

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