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Thread: Memory error 0x0237a33c in Firefox 12, Java outdated & disabled

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    Memory error 0x0237a33c in Firefox 12, Java outdated & disabled

    From the past one day I have been getting error when I try to close the Firefox 12. It happens with me all the time. The message shows:
    "Firefox.exe - Application error.
    Instruction at 9x6200389e referenced memory at 0x0237a33c.
    The memory could not be read. Click OK to terminate the program."

    I didnít do any kind of customization or modification to the System or Firefox settings. Everything is up to date either the Windows or Antivirus program. Sometimes the Firefox automatically closes following the Firefox. To check it I went to the Task manager but there it showed me 4 Firefox processes running. I killed them all manually. To verify again, I have opened the Firefox once again when Task manager still running on Desktop. The process and application showed Firefox running. When I close it, it disappears from the Application tab but in the processes tab it was still running. If I open the Firefox again, it will start with the second process whilst the first process still running. It will surely take huge system resources and it is very annoying to kill the process every time manually. Add-ons installed showing as Java was outdated & disabled. I really donít have any idea about how to troubleshoot them.

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    Re: Memory error 0x0237a33c in Firefox 12, Java outdated & disabled

    Firefox is a browser that uses lots of memory, the developers promise that in the successive versions will work to reduce its memory usage. Did you try starting the Firefox in Safe mode with all extensions, user customizations, hardware acceleration, etc disabled? You should do it for temporary diagnostic and troubleshooting. If it is working fine in the Safe mode, then it could be an add-on issue. Restart the Firefox as usually and type About:addons in the URL bar and press enter. It will open all the extensions installed. Disable one by one, restarting Firefox between each one. You will find a trouble maker. Once you get that, remove it and report the issue to the add-on's developer. Other trouble shooting things include:
    • Windows Updates and installing service packs, etc.
    • Update graphics driver
    • Update all plug-ins
    • Download and Install MalwareBytes and run a full Scan.

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    Re: Memory error 0x0237a33c in Firefox 12, Java outdated & disabled

    The developers of the Mozilla Foundation have now updated the previous version branch. Firefox 12 eliminates numerous security flaws that seem however to have no connection with the vulnerabilities. Were therefore corrected errors in the processing of SVG graphics, problems with memory management and difficulties in viewing Flash files? As put by the vulnerabilities of the browser to crash and can be introduced at worst malicious code into a system, all users of Firefox 11 as soon as possible to upgrade to the new version.

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    Re: Memory error 0x0237a33c in Firefox 12, Java outdated & disabled

    Firefox is known for its severe delicacy as well as numerous memory leaks. Luckily, you can recover wasted memory. You need to free the memory of Firefox when it is reduced in the Windows taskbar. To do this
    • Start Firefox, and type about: config in URL and press Enter.
    • Right click in the configuration area and click New => Boolean.
    • Afterward enter config.trim_on_minimize as the name for the Boolean value.
    • Then select true, click OK and restart Firefox. Once you feel a memory footprint too large for your browser, reduce it in the taskbar to redisplay then, its memory usage will be significantly reduced.

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    Re: Memory error 0x0237a33c in Firefox 12, Java outdated & disabled

    It seems like a very very serious bug which still survived in Firefox 12. The people who are using less RAM likely to be the culprit of this problem. I really love the Firefox but this memory leak is really really annoying in all way. Did you try removing the Java console. To remove the Java Console, Close Firefox. Go to C: \ Program Files \ Mozilla Firefox \ extensions \ and delete all folders starting with {CAFEEFAC}Restart Firefox. All the Java Console will be gone. Each SE JRE update procedure must be repeated.

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