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Thread: Firefox 12 showing “insecure version” message

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    Firefox 12 showing “insecure version” message

    Now I have recently updated my browser to version 12 and you wont believe when I went to the help page I got a message saying that this version that you are using is the insecure version. I don’t understand which is the secure version. As per my dictionary I know that for every threat we should be updated with the latest version. Now I am having the latest version of this browser then why am I getting this insecure version message, I need to know about it? can you all please tell me as if what is exactly wrong with this browser. Please let me know as soon as possible. Isn’t this version of the browser the secured one? That’s what I want to know from you.

    Any replies that you all have for me then please do reply it as soon as possible. I am waiting for the response from your side. Please reply as soon as possible.

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    Re: Firefox 12 showing “insecure version” message

    Just do a simple restart of the browser and it will be fine for you. It is always advisable to do a simple restart of the browser after having updated to the latest version. You haven't restarted the browser that’s why you were getting such kind of message. There can be a possibility that the Firefox home page that you accessed wont be updated with the welcome message, so that’s why it might be a technical issue as well. as far as your concerns about the FF 12 is concerned then let me tell you that you don’t have to worry about the security it is quite updated and it isn’t insecure at all. So you can use this browser without any problems at all. I hope I have given the necessary message for you. that’s it from my side for you.

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    Re: Firefox 12 showing “insecure version” message

    Strange that you got such kind of message I have received any such kind of message FF12 is a new browser and why should it give any such kind of message. As the above user has said correctly restart the browser and then check. One more possibility is that you might have accessed the support page and have clicked on the FF11 as your browser that’s why it is giving you such kind of message. FF 11 is a old browser according to the history of the browser that’s why it is giving you such message. Don’t forget to select FF 12 from henceforth and don’t worry Firefox 12 is a good and secured browser.

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