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Thread: Flash stopped working in Firefox 12, error while reinstalling

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    Flash stopped working in Firefox 12, error while reinstalling

    In Firefox 12, the flash has stopped working. I donít know if it crashed or just stopped. I restarted the browser and it started working once again. Few minutes later it crashed again for the second time. For that reason I have uninstalled the Flash and tried to reinstall it once again but this time I have got the error message saying that version of Flash is not compatible. I used the registry cleaner and restored to an earlier point but still getting the same error during the installation.

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    Re: Flash stopped working in Firefox 12, error while reinstalling

    Make sure that you have got the latest Flash player for Firefox. Even if you are using a 64 bit Windows OS, you have to download and install 32 bit version Flash because Firefox is a 32 bit application. I am not sure this is the only case with you. However in order to get videos to work with your browser, you have to allow, flash/flashplayerplugin access to at least TCP port 1935 and probably TCP ports 80 as well as 443.

    Did you try disabling all plug-ins disabled and only Adobe flash plug-ins enabled?

    It seems to me that other plug-ins or extension causing this Flash plug-ins to crash or stop in the middle. It usually happens when you have installed any third party plug-ins which may functions similar to the Adobe Flash. If it is not the case, it is still to check the browser with Flash only enabled first.

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    Re: Flash stopped working in Firefox 12, error while reinstalling

    Flash has a huge presence on the Internet. Flash is not lightweight, and there has been quite security flaws that make it vulnerable to the user. Now I have heard that Mozilla is preparing to make Firefox 14 load optional Flash as well as other accessories. The newer Firefox will not automatically load the add-only display but it displays a "Click to activate the plugin.Ē This ides is great and we can load the flash only needed in order to get a relief for performance, the battery in addition to computer security. Internet Explorer 9 is implemented ActiveX filtering that does exactly the same, and to enable the plug-in just need to go to the icon bar ban and re-enable the loading of ActiveX elements. IE also had this filtering from previous versions in version 9 but made it more accessible and easy to use. Firefox lately is copying a bit of all browsers, and do not innovate at all, and this points out the feature as a great innovation.

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    Re: Flash stopped working in Firefox 12, error while reinstalling

    It was not necessary to implement it because there are Firefox extensions for it, but not all users install extensions. So good for them. I used to use NoScript to block Flash, but for work was tedious be enabling and disabling certain domains, which correspond to the usual active tracking and just HTML5 YouTube. So Firefox "is the best" because it has the same characteristics as other but several years later, well why not, but because most Internet users are terribly ignorant.

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