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Thread: Is it possible to change SSL certificate without restarting Firefox 12

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    Is it possible to change SSL certificate without restarting Firefox 12

    My current workplace needs two different SSL certificates for a single particular website. It depends on what we do and what we are going to do. So there is always a need to keep changing the SSL certificate and each time I need to restart the browser in order to switch the SSL certificates. Restarting the Firefox is really unproductive because there are lots of things going on in browser and lots of things are open/running. I use several different tabs/windows. If I restart the firefox, I will lose all information/progress. Otherwise I need to wait for 20 minutes for certificate to time out and then Firefox will ask us to choose the certificate. This really won’t work all the time and really an asinine solution. Is there any way to force the Firefox to change certificates without restarting the browser when the website is currently in use?

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    Re: Is it possible to change SSL certificate without restarting Firefox 12

    Did you try clearing out the active logins via History > Clear Recent History. I think that you should either remove all the history or the single website from my history. In order to remove this, click on the Firefox button on top of the windows and go the History menu> Show All History to open the Library. Now there, search for a website which you want to remove from the history. Right click and select Remove or Delete. It will remove all the items (browsing and download history, cookies, cache, active logins, passwords, saved form data, exceptions for cookies, images, pop-ups) of that site. Now when you refresh the current windows or site, it will ask for new certificate to install. Choose yours and continue with it.

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    Re: Is it possible to change SSL certificate without restarting Firefox 12

    Now Firefox is making the same things as Internet Explorer, display an error page (which really is what it is) and I think more clearly indicating which is the reason which generated the error (which does not match the name with the CN of the certificate, which is expired, not trust the root entity etc). Before it recognized neither Mint nor other certification or forty thousand, which is nothing new. If, as said above, it will add to the perfect Mint, good for them, but I think that this complaint is rather a tantrum because they now get a popup (with all due respect) and to ignore the message (still allowing it but you have to add an exception). For me it has improved, and pretty.

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    Re: Is it possible to change SSL certificate without restarting Firefox 12

    Agreements do not know, but if I remember correctly, certificates incorporated respond to conversations between certification authorities and browser vendors. On the other hand, SSL management seems very good (more strict than IE), and therefore advise against all faults SSL confirm that appear as exceptions, because then we'll get used to accept invalid certificates. I've found people complaining that the browser will not let them make trades when they were not really understanding the implications of the error that the browser was showing them.

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    Re: Is it possible to change SSL certificate without restarting Firefox 12

    Certificates are stored by default in the browser. However, you should create a backup, because, first, your certificate could be lost (eg when you reinstall the operating system) and secondly you have to export it, if you want to work on other systems or on the same system. Creating the backup copy of a certificate in Firefox is "backup". The certificate is stored as a PKCS-12 file and secured with a password. Use the following steps:
    • Click on the menu "Tools / Preferences ...”
    • Go to the heading "Advanced" and then to the tab "Security". Click on "View Certificates".
    • Under "Your Certificates" Your personal certificate is displayed. To export the certificate, click on "Backup".
    • You now need to specify where your certificate should be stored under what name. Select the location of your desktop and click "Save." Firefox stores your certificate as a PKCS-12 file. PKCS-12 is a standard format for exporting and importing certificates and keys.
    • 5th If you set a master password, you must now enter into a separate window and then click "OK". If you set a password, does not the window.
    • You will be prompted to enter a certificate backup password. Confirm the entry with "OK". Note: Save this password safe! You need it if you want to import your certificate into another application.
    • The certificate is now stored as a PKCS-12 file. Connect the export by clicking on "OK".
    • On your desktop, now see this symbol. You can move the file from the desktop to any folder.

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    Re: Is it possible to change SSL certificate without restarting Firefox 12

    Like Google, Mozilla also has blocked several fraudulent SSL certificates in the browser. The certificates have been approved by Comodo, the issuer, is repealed. That would most users to protect against abuse. Nevertheless, Firefox 12 has the capability to recognize certificates and automatically block them if they are fraudulent. Users of a compromised network could be redirected to websites that fake SSL certificates, in order then to think that it is a legitimate Web site. This would mean users can tempt attackers to give up personal information or downloading malware

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