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Thread: Firefox 12 is incompatible with the Norton toolbar

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    Firefox 12 is incompatible with the Norton toolbar

    Yesterday I have downloaded the Firefox 12 and installed it on my windows 7 computer. After the installation, I have received an error message saying that the Norton toolbar is not compatible with Firefox 12. I have the latest version of Norton internet Security as I think but still it is not compatible with the Firefox 12. I donít know whether it could be due to the fault of Windows 7 or the Browser itself. Do you think that I should disable the Norton Toolbar permanently for this or is there any fix to restore the Norton toolbar on Firefox 12? I am looking for good solutions for a moment.

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    Re: Firefox 12 is incompatible with the Norton toolbar

    I have observed that in Firefox 10 or later, the third party add-ons or plug-ins are disabled by default. You have to manually enable them in order to get live with the web browser and start working alongside the browser. To do this, go to Firefox/Tools>Add-ons>Extension (CTRL+SHIFT+A). There you have to make sure that all Norton extensions are enabled. The Norton has recently posted a thread regarding the solution for compatibility issues with Firefox 12 with the Norton toolbar. The company has stated that they have released Norton Internet Security which contains a compatibility patch for Firefox 12. Along with this they have also launched a Firefox 12 compatibility patch for Norton Internet Security You can get this patch using the Norton LiveUpdate.
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    Re: Firefox 12 is incompatible with the Norton toolbar

    After this Norton Toolbar update, I have heard that Norton 360 Version 6.0 is also compatible with Firefox 12. For all to work with Firefox 12 you just need to download and install the compatibility update and then everything will run fine. To get this update, just run LiveUpdate until no updates are available. Finally restart the computer and you are ready to go. If you have the old version of Norton 360 like v5 or something before, you have to update the entire software to the latest version. To do this Go to Norton Update Center and get the latest product. It must be for free. For patches and other updates, simply run the LiveUpdate. You can also contact the Norton service provider to obtain the latest version.

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