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Thread: unable to update Firefox to version 12.0

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    unable to update Firefox to version 12.0

    There are certain things that I need to ask regarding Firefox updates. First of all let me tell you that currently I have Firefox 11.0 running into my system and I really love it but then after I found the latest version release of Firefox I decided to switch to that version. Yesterday while trying to update the existing Firefox 11.0 to version 12.0 I found that I was unable to do so. The update completely failed just because I was trying to update to 12.0 version of firefox. Found that when I tried to downgrade or switch to some other version, the operation is executed completed successfully. I also tried out the alternate way suggested to me; I went to About Firefox and from there I selected “Check for updates” but even this trick failed doing so. When confirmed, my brother told me that it maybe because the 12.0 version has been released recently so therefore there are some problem going around with the download and installation of it.

    Anyways other than this issue I also have another doubt. just wanted to confirm whether it is true that there will be a 64 bit version of Firefox with the release of the next version i.e. 13.0. if so, I wonder whether the users are going to choose the idea of upgrading to a 64 bit version before updating from version 12 to version 13. I don’t think version 13 will successes in future because of such useless and sense less concepts and ideas. I don’t think a user will upgrade his or her system to 64 bit just for upgrading their browser to the latest version. If asked me then at least I would not do so. I would be much happier and comfortable with the older version instead to taking such pain and complications. Please have your opinion and thoughts on this issue and let me know your views regarding this thing.

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    Re: unable to update Firefox to version 12.0

    As according to the new the Firefox 12 was fixed to be released on 24th April 8 a.m. PDT in USA. If the update is not properly released then how come you will be able to update your existing version with the latest one? First if how I would suggest you to have some patience and let the Firefox 12 release properly, then after that you can surely go for the update with no doubts. Also there are no chances of the new latest release to be a problematic one as I have heard that the developers of this version are going to allow a small group of users under their moderation to update their Firefox to this latest version and then see whether things go well with this update or not. Currently the biggest problem that is being predicted is the end of the 3.6 life and then also not providing the support for the older windows version like windows XP SP2.

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    Re: unable to update Firefox to version 12.0

    Regarding the 64 bit release for Firefox let me tell you that it may not have occurred for many months until now. not sure with this news but heard that currently the developers of Firefox have released a testing version in Nightly Firefox 14, if not mistaken then I guess this is the least and the most stable and secure level. This testing version is to be only installed by those users who are very well experienced with both using and testing.

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    Re: unable to update Firefox to version 12.0

    Yeah you are right about the release date of version 12. Even I checked the official site of Firefox and found that the release date for this latest version has been scheduled for today morning itself i.e. 24th April. Obviously if you will try to update something that has not been out yet then how come you will get it successfully. You won’t be able to update you firefox to 12 until it is officially released. I would suggest you to try to check out for the updates during afternoon if you are not in hurry. Surely you will be able to get it easily after a specific time. about 64 bit, as far as I know there is no such plan made by them in order to make Firefox 13 64 bit. There is no ETA about the arrival until the devs are working on 64 bit Firefox. Until and unless the update is announced you won’t be even able to make out how exactly the upgrade process will be performed but I personally feel that they will be like those with 32 bit firefox that is going to stay with it for the complete updates.

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    Re: unable to update Firefox to version 12.0

    Not sure with the 64bit but I know that there are certain versions of Windows XP on which Firefox no longer works. As far as I know Firefox 3.6.28 and Firefox 12 are the current and the latest versions of Firefox that is actually going to work with the real version of Windows XP and windows XP service Pack 1. You won’t be able to update them with the security and stability fixes. Its much recommended to upgrade to windows XP service pack 3 and then install the latest version of Firefox for free in order to keep the system and other personal data and information safe and sound. Also remember that if you are planning to go with firefox 3.6 then better drop your plan because it has been said that Firefox 3.6 version is no longer safe now.

    Other than upgrading for free to Windows XP service Pack 3 you can also try to switch to some other browser i.e. Opera. But make sure that you go for Opera only if you are unable to upgrade your windows.

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