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Thread: How to create bundles of all the extension?

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    How to create bundles of all the extension?

    Hello guys, I am using Firefox and I have installed many of the extension in my browser. I donít want to install them separately when I re install the browser. I want to install them all to gather so that it doesnít take more time. I want to create bundle of my extensions which I am using in my browser, with these I wonít even forget any of the browser extension to be install while I am re installing all the extensions. How do I create the bundle of my extension?

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    Re: How to create bundles of all the extension?

    You can use Celopack to build your extension package. CELO is Compact Library Extension Organizer which works with FEBE. FEBE is the Firefox Environment Backup Extension. FEBE allows you to backup your Firefox extensions. CELO allows you to v combine several extensions and/or themes into a single, installable, xpi file. Firefox uses the xpi file format to install the extensions. CELO organizes the library of extensions by compacting them into a single file. For using CELO you will need Firefox 1.5.0 or above and the FEBE extension. Install CELO and FEBE to create your extension package. Run the browser and open tools. In tools option select FEBE, in FEBE select CELO. In CELO select CELO options. A new CELO option window will appear in that window select the options tab and in that select overwrite. Next go to directory tab and select the directory where you want to save the package. Browse the folder where you want to save the package. Select ok and proceed further. You will see a different window. In that first type the name of your package. Then click on the select items to package. It will open another window to browse you for the files which you want to add to the package. Select the extension files which you want to add to the package. For selecting multiple items at a time you can use ctrl key and shift key. With this you can quickly add all the extensions to the package. After selecting the files click on the open button to return to the CELO window. CELO will automatically create the description of the files by clicking on the auto generate button. Finally to complete the package click on the ok button. It will display a message box saying that the done and here you have completed the whole package. Now you can install the whole package in a new firefox profile, send it to your friends.

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