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Thread: Mozilla Lightning generating duplicate reminders

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    Mozilla Lightning generating duplicate reminders

    I use Mozilla Lightning to create reminders for my tasks. Recently I updated the Lightning in my PC to version 1.0b2. I used it for 2 days until I realized that it duplicated or sometimes triplicate the reminders. I turned off the original reminder, but there are more instances of it present in the list. This really confuses me about which one is real and which one is duplicate. Can someone help me?

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    Re: Mozilla Lightning generating duplicate reminders

    I too am being troubled by this problem. Whenever I put my computer in standby mode or hibernation mode, I find multiple instances of one reminder. The number of instances increases the number of time I put my computer in standby or hibernation mode. It started after I upgraded the Lightning. Now I will have to downgrade Lightning to its lower version.

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    Re: Mozilla Lightning generating duplicate reminders

    Another solution to solve this problem is that you use Lightning Calender along with it. Lightning calendar is used to schedule meetings or events over a long period of time. It can also be used to send email on specific day. Using it along with calendar seems to cure this bug. Mozilla might soon release affix for the bug or we’ll have to wait till next stable version is released.

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    Re: Mozilla Lightning generating duplicate reminders

    In my case, when I add an event, sometimes more 3 events similar to it are created. It is mostly created after I recreate old event again. For example, on day 1 if I create an event as ‘Wash clothes’ for 10 am then there isn’t any problem. But again on day 2, if I create an event as ‘Wash Clothes’ for 10 am or maybe any time, multiple instances of it start spawning. I found out a way to solve it. I just restart Lightning and all the clone events are gone.

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    Re: Mozilla Lightning generating duplicate reminders

    I researched on this problem and found out what is actually happening. The compareObjects module is not working; it’s kind of dead in the code. Removing this solves the problem of event cloning but I haven’t figured out if it is affecting function of other module. I am researching on API for comparing wrapped xpcom objects which can replace dead compareObjects and work properly.

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