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Thread: Minimize, close, Maximize buttons missing in opera 11

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    Minimize, close, Maximize buttons missing in opera 11

    I have already used so many types of browsers, but I havenít faced such type of problem in my life. Right now Iím using opera v11.61. In that I am not able to see the Maximize, minimize and close button in browser. The buttons seems to be there but they are not able to see. So can anyone tell me how can I solve this problem?

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    Re: Minimize, close, Maximize buttons missing in opera 11

    For that I would suggest that please define the custom button tab. Using the custom button tab is very good solution for that. But it is not optimal for who use standard MDI apps that have these buttons on menu bar. The possibility to add a button on the menu bar would be the good solution for above issue. I hope it will really work for every windows application. Iím expecting from opera too. If you still not able to solve this issue I will recommend you that uninstall opera 11.61 and again install after restart your PC. Or you can prefer the new browser version also.

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