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Thread: Will SOPA and PIPA come back?

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    Will SOPA and PIPA come back?

    Hello friends as SOPA and PIPA have not passed last time what do you think will it come back again. What do you think about it? And if it will come back when will it come back as per you. And also let me know if you support SOPA and PIPA.

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    Re: Will SOPA and PIPA come back?

    I donít know if they will come back again but yes I am sure I am not supporting it as it will be the biggest lost for everyone. As many of them are getting many benefits from internet right now but if this bills passes than all the sites would be shut down no one would be getting anything for free. Mainly it will harm online community were much.

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    Re: Will SOPA and PIPA come back?

    As these were online piracy ACTS and almost each of them were against it. But the difficulty is you never know if they ask for vote suddenly after everything is settled down and they can bounce back. As they can pass these bills without asking public and it can come back.

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    Re: Will SOPA and PIPA come back?

    I think we have won against SOPA and PIPA but I am sure the one who raised these bills would raise something related to it and they can find some other law and again start the voting for the same in future. So it is not totally gone. Any time it can be raised again. And the people who had raised those bills are really very powerful so we cont say anything about this.

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    Re: Will SOPA and PIPA come back?

    Yes I think it will come back as this kind of legal things would be coming back. As Congress would add some other legal bills which have better support than that of SOPA and PIPA something like expanding these bills and adding some more points or like anti-defamation bill. So it is not only that websites would be losing something as there are many videogame developer, TV networks and many more would also be affected.

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    Re: Will SOPA and PIPA come back?

    It is a good think that it can stop online piracy but yes it would be also a drawback for poor students who like to study but donít have money they use to download eBooks and even there are many users how also downloads many different things related to studies they will also face many problems.

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