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Thread: How to get the game mode on Google TV

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    How to get the game mode on Google TV

    I have instead the and HDMI out bit my monitor donít have the proper resolution while playing the Bad Company 2 HD. I want 1080p. did everything but nothing helping is ter any one can tell me is it possible to get the game mode and 3rd party development or Google update . Please I need that or else this TV is of no use

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    Re: How to get the game mode on Google TV

    Have the same problem I use the, Google TV 40", with the Yamaha AV 5.1 receiver, Polk subwoofer, Sony cabinet speakers. And the delay is too bad, I checked all the settings and turned off each post processing but unable to get the display. Sharpness was too high and after I turned it off, everything looked so good . Please help us I would be really glad

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    Re: How to get the game mode on Google TV

    I had the same problem and the simple solution to this will be just restart your pc . You can't turn on game mode.

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    Re: How to get the game mode on Google TV

    I think this might help you I deal with it is to play the whole thing over module. I switch my ps3 often, for the reason that I also use it as a media player as well, however for games, playing over just module is extremely achievable. You lose a few more mille-seconds reply time than most TVs, although I haven't had a issue with most games.

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    Re: How to get the game mode on Google TV

    had played my 360 on multiple HDMI's as well as component cables. The slow down the experience will be the close to the similar on both. Just for reason, I even used Rockband's auto-calibration lag tests as well both method of signal output to the TV resulted in major delay numbers, about 150ms. It is Sony's fault for their "higher signal processing." It will occur on any signal that go through the TV. because past Sony's have a game mode, I didn't even believe regarding game lag when I purchase my Sony GTV. I just implicit this TV would have it too. as the menu is run all the way through Google's Android system, I offend think why game mode is not in there from the get-go. I expect the GTV 2.0 update will carry also a game mode.

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