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Thread: How to search people based on their interest in MySpace

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    How to search people based on their interest in MySpace

    Hi friends recently I Signup to one of the social networking site MySpace, there I have seen many best option and feature which they are providing to users which is really good and helpful. But however I canít able to find people which have interest in Musicís and Songs, so that I can send them friend request. So is it possible to search people based on their interest. If yes then how it can be possible in MySpace, if you guys have any information or any ideas about this thing then please let me know.

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    Re: How to search people based on their interest in MySpace

    According to my information this is simple to make use of the User Interface to access MySpace features and option as per the requirement. So to find other user you just have to login to your personal account that you have created in MySpace and then click on friends, and then on top left of your friends you will see blue button for browsing other users. And after you click on that button you will get another windows appear on your screen, there on that windows you will get the option to select the criteria for searching people. May be this will help you out to find people as per your need.

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