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Thread: freetalk adapter is not working properly with Skype

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    freetalk adapter is not working properly with Skype

    Hi friends recently I have bought the freetalk adapter and I am trying to connect it with the Skype. But however I am facing some issues while making this connection, whenever I not plugged the adapter into the wall it works fine. But whenever I choose to use Skype for international calls it show some issue. The issue is that the audio sounds like an old AM radio, I have tried several things but however I canít able to make the freetalk adapter to work fie. So if you guys have any of the information or any of the suggestion then please let me know. Any of the reply will be thanks and appreciated.

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    Re: freetalk adapter is not working properly with Skype

    May be the device is not present on the computer network, and if you are trying to connect with the international calls you have to log in to the control panel and from there you have to select the option to make use of the Skype with the international calls. Verify the status for the System status Ė setting and see whether everything is OK.

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    Re: freetalk adapter is not working properly with Skype

    According to my information you just try to use ## for making Skype call, and also the Skype will show some of the issue with the * button if you try to make use of land line. And the issue is with the busy signal and also verifies whether you are able to dial out a Skype call. And also make sure to make use of ## when using skype.

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    Re: freetalk adapter is not working properly with Skype

    There might be the chance that you only have the limited local service, or may be the version of firmware of your device is out dated that it needs to be update. There are two choices available there in the setup for calling, use Skype for International calling and use Skype for domestic calling. So if you are trying to make International call then make use country code.

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