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Thread: File storage limitation for FileZilla server

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    File storage limitation for FileZilla server

    Hi friends I am using the FileZilla server and also FileZilla client. And I am happy with this, but however recently I have seen that I canít able to make the storage of file more than 13106 file on the FileZilla server. I have try many thing but however canít able to store more file after that limitation. So I just want to know what I am missing there to make the storage or this is an error. If you guys have any information or any suggestion for this issue then please do the reply. Any of the reply will be appreciated.

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    Re: File storage limitation for FileZilla server

    According to my information filezilla server have no limitation for uploading files, there may be some of the clint computer issue. so for that you have to make the verification for the disk, that the disk is not full and also the FileZilla Server service has write permissions to that particular collection of file. And also that file is not to be open by any other program at the time when you are trying to upload the file on the FileZilla Server.

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    Re: File storage limitation for FileZilla server

    This may be due to the arbitrary limitation; either they make the use of the USB controller circuits. Because some embedded cheap one USB controller which has some of the limited memory, so because of that reason the file limitation is exist.

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