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Thread: Recognising TV Shows on WDTV Live Hub

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    Recognising TV Shows on WDTV Live Hub

    I recently got a WDTV Live Hub and I've put all my films on there, and am in the process of putting my TV shows onto it. The one problem I'm having is that I cannot get metadata for my TV Shows. Whenever I press Get Info it tries to search the movie database. I heard it was to do with how the files are named but they're all named correctly I think e.g. Archer S01E02. I've got the latest firmware and everything else seems fine.

    Any help?

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    Re: Recognising TV Shows on WDTV Live Hub

    This is the limitation of the WD and they are still working on the same. Metadata can be only made for the USB storage currently. This is all part of the MEDIA LIBRARY functionality and this does not exist for the NAS.

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    Re: Recognising TV Shows on WDTV Live Hub

    Grrrrr...I came close to buying this thing last night and today...:-(
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