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Thread: Outlook 2003 cannot receive email from Atomic Mail Sender

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    Outlook 2003 cannot receive email from Atomic Mail Sender

    Hi all. I have 2 emails, (send and receive email by Outlook 2003), and 1 gmail address.

    When i add gmail address to Atomic Mail Sender, and use that address to send email to it1, it2, and that gmail itseft, only gmail receive the email, it1 and it2 do no appear anything, no error appear.

    When i add it1 or it2 to Atomic Mail Sender, the result likes above result, only gmail can receive from it1 or it2. It seems Outlook 2003 client has problem.

    But when i use Outlook, and send email from it1 or it2 address, both it1, it2 and gmail receive.

    I don't know what wrong with my Outlook, anyone help me

    Thanks !
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    Re: Outlook 2003 cannot receive email from Atomic Mail Sender

    Try the below method:

    1. First of all try to run Atomic Mail Sender and compose a message. You can create it in the built-in editor or import from an existing HTML or text file (use File / Open).
    2. After that you have to load your mailing list. Press F5 or the corresponding toolbar button to open the List Editor. There you can import a mailing list or create a new mailing list - use the corresponding buttons on the toolbar.
    3. Next you have to click Send mail or press F9 to open the Send Mail Monitor. Click Start there and the email campaign will be started.

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