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Thread: Need help on Youtube Subscriptions

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    Need help on Youtube Subscriptions

    HI, i am quite former user of this youtube and almost knows everything but still i am just stuck at this newer version. I have seen the facility called subscribing the videos on that but still the thing is like i am completely unaware about this thing. Is there any body over here worked with the newer format? Please let me know how can i subscribe the videos so that i can receive further notification? Any suggestion?

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    Re: Need help on Youtube Subscriptions

    I will suggest you to see this link.

    You will get an idea how to subscribe the videos on the youtube.

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    Re: Need help on Youtube Subscriptions

    You get an information when you subscribe to something. It just tells you the information about that. I have been using the youtube to watch the videos since long time. When you subscribe to the youtube videos then any changes or updates regarding to that videos will be informed to you by the notification.

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    Re: Need help on Youtube Subscriptions

    Here are the Few steps on how to subscribe the videos on the youtube.
    Open the youtube site.

    • Create a new youtube account by filling all the required information.

    • After creating the new account , you can log into that account.

    • After log in into that account search for the topic you want to subscribe on. Youtube will show you the desired resluts for the keywords that you have searched.

    • After getting the results, click the subsribe button above the video. When you subscribe to that video, there is also an option of “send me email for each upload” to receive the notifications when anything related to that topic is updated.

    • After doing this the last step is to click on the update button. You will see the “Subscribed” notice displayed on the screen. This means that you have subscribed to that video and anything updated to that related topic will reflect on your notifications through mails.

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    Re: Need help on Youtube Subscriptions

    Subscribing on youtube means getting an information about something related or updated on that topic. I have subscribed to many videos on the youtube to receive the information about the updates that occurs to that videos. Many of my Friends have uploaded their own videos on the youtube. Some of my friends have many subscribers to their videos and they say that their Videos are on demand. But some of my friends says that their videos have less subscriptions , so their videos are not much popular.

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