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Thread: Cannot stream with wireless broadband connection

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    Cannot stream with wireless broadband connection

    I am having some problem with the wireless streaming. Actually whenever I try to stream with the wired connection then there is no problem with that but when I try to do the same with the wireless connection then I am not able to do that. This is not kor just one site. It is same for all the sites. Can you tell me that what is the problem with this and how can I get this problem resolved.

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    Re: Cannot stream with wireless broadband connection

    This is for sure that the problem is with the ISP provider. You might be having low speed and for that reason you are getting this issue. Just contact to the service provider and they will tell you if that is problem from their side or not.

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    Re: Cannot stream with wireless broadband connection

    I have faced this problem previously and this worked for me. Just go to the network and sharing and from there select manage wireless network. Now right click on the network that you are using and select properties. Select the tab for security and change that to TKIP encryption from AES. I did the same and it let me out of the issue and so I hope that this will do the same for you.

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