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Thread: Need some ideas about e Commerce CMS.

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    Need some ideas about e Commerce CMS.

    Hey all, I am thinking to built very basic shop. And for that I am thinking to Only that previous to adding item to cart customer should be capable to upload an image to position it on product. Any ideas of CMS with prebuilt function or any CMS where it's easy to implement it. If you are having any ideas about this then please reply me back about this.

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    re: Need some ideas about e Commerce CMS.

    Ok, dude. Here I think that I would stay clear of Prestashop, it is a very composite Api and not simple to modify, zencart is ok but there is a actual need of api documentation. And for that I think that you wil need to give Opencart a try, thats what I used to do something similar. But, none of them have the image upload ability, you will most likely have to program that yourself so I had imagine you will require to put in the picture into the software's database with an upload button.

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    re: Need some ideas about e Commerce CMS.

    Yes, I also agree with this: CS-Cart offers an capacity to make use of a file upload field as a product choice. And also in other words I can say that customers can upload dissimilar files/images on a product information page in the storefront if store administrator adds an choice and chooses the "File" in the Type field while creating a new choice. And also let me tell here that a user-friendly back end, lots of features and admin tools, mobile compatibility, integration with QuickBooks, and popular CMS WordPress and Joomla, a Facebook storefront, and responsive technical support. And also you can find this all in Avactis Shopping Cart. If you need then you can try out the demo and observe for yourself if you like what the software has to support. .

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    re: Need some ideas about e Commerce CMS.

    Let me tell here that, I uses CMS and also here I can say that it made Simple because it's almost foolproof for the client. And here after this all, Now I need an e-commerce solution. CMS does have Products and Cart, but those are not enough for said client, because he is lazy and needs the form to do all the work. He run a travel site and wants a folder for the products and very detailed functionalities for the cart.

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