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Thread: password Token cannot be recognized in skype

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    password Token cannot be recognized in skype

    I was using skype in my office computer but as I travel for company job I need to make phone and video call to the client through the skype , so I decided to changed the computer and install it on my laptop . but wahat happened that now I couldnít remember my password of the skype . so tried recovering my password from the skype but what happened that the email link of password recovery sent to my email id was not opening . now I donít understand what should I do.

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    re: password Token cannot be recognized in skype

    I think you are getting the problems of opening the recovery password link from your email id. I think you could have done this by just sign-in with your username and password and get access from where you can change your password , but as it not possible doing this you can just do one thing . you can contact the technical support team of the skype for helping you out for this type of issue . they will just ask you with the confirmation of the username and see if they find out any call history or any subscription history . They would also ask you with the credit card no of the last two or four digit and your phone no. you registered with just to confirm your identity for the valid user.

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    re: password Token cannot be recognized in skype

    I have contacted the skype customer support guys hope I just fix this out as early as possible and get my password so that I can resume my work again. If doesnít then I have to for to make a new account.

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