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Thread: Is there any Opera Browser for Windows Phone 7

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    Is there any Opera Browser for Windows Phone 7

    I know that the Windows Phone 7 has not gained as much popularity like Android and ios but I know that it is also a one of Good mobile operating system. Right now I am looking for a open for Windows Phone 7 but I couldnít able to find it anywhere. I have been using the Opera browser in my old phones and I really liked it. Furthermore I donít want to change to other browser in my phone.

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    Re: Is there any Opera Browser for Windows Phone 7

    So far nothing has been officially announced. This time, however, Opera is likely have more difficulty asserting itself as top dog, after all, seems the built-in Windows Phone 7 IE version to be extremely good. IMHO was definitely the best browser Opera WM6.x, but really I was still never satisfied with the mobile browsing experience. Functions such as "Opera Turbo" is likely to be regarding GSM networks or roaming charges still desirable.

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    Re: Is there any Opera Browser for Windows Phone 7

    Bad news for all owners of Windows 7 Phone : The Opera Mobile browser, one of the best and most popular of all the other mobile operating systems, it will land on the new terminal of Redmond, the news circulating in the network was been denied by Opera, which said to refer to Windows 7 or to the desktop operating system.

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    Re: Is there any Opera Browser for Windows Phone 7

    Alternative browsers are in any case. I think Opera an "ace in the hole" will have. If they simply show the ability of the site by typing in Landscape.modus e.g. double scrolling upward. Another feature that is imaginable, the double zoom out from websites, which works for tab overview, similar to HTC's Sense browser as the Desire HD. So if Iin Opera staff reads this, he should please contribute those ideas!

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    Re: Is there any Opera Browser for Windows Phone 7

    It was in October, a very small closed beta ran but only with the emulator as there was no equipment, is now completed the program and also disappeared from the scene. I did not attend, because none of my areas of expertise was in demand, so I only know that they existed, but not if the version worked.

    Whether this version is to come now ne is not known to me, but I'm actually believes there has been any support Opera Mobile and Microsoft Mobile OS.

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