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Thread: Sound stopped working with firefox

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    Sound stopped working with firefox

    hellow friends i am using window vista as my operating system.and while surfing on the internet whenever i visit audo content website such as online radio, youtube or any kind of online audio. i am not able to listen any kind of sound or audio i can say. while on youtube the playback of video works but not there is no sound those anyone knows the cure of this problem please help me ..thanks...??

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    Re: Sound stopped working with firefox

    try this out click on the audio icon located on the vista taskbar at the same time keep running a audio or youtube video on the mozilla firefox browser. you will get a pop up in the sound slider for application including the mozilla firefox .move the slide of mozilla firefox in order to increae the volume, and also ensure that the mute button is not marked if it unmarked it.

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    Re: Sound stopped working with firefox

    follow the below steps :-
    • open the internet browser
    • go to any web page that has audio or video playback
    •control panel>sound setting
    •go to volume control> click on mixer
    •increase the sound for web browser

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    Re: Sound stopped working with firefox

    even i am having the same kind of problem but i did not tried any beta's. the problem seems to be a problem of any kind of latest addon or any the way it happened with the newest update, for some day i have not did anything with the browser for the audio problem.i have not tried anything i just keep on notifying it after completing the updates but i thought i may work. anyway i am not having any kind of issues with my another firefox browsers on my system which also i updated with the latest addon. i think the the best way is to remove the mozilla firefox my from the system try to use opera or google crome hope it may help...

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