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Thread: How to Empty Gmail inbox ?

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    How to Empty Gmail inbox ?

    Hi, I am using Gmail since last few years, and I use to check all the mails but didn’t delete it ever, thus there are almost 16443 Emails in my inbox and I am just fed up of this stuff thus I just decided to delete them all, but as I seen the whole page I didn’t get the Link through which we can delete them in one shot.

    Thus I thought there would be some option under setting, but when checked there were not any. Thus I just increase the page size so that more mails comes in to view but still the highest we can get is up tp 100 only, and thus it’s quite awful to delete 16443 mails.

    Any idea how we delete all of them?

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    Re: How to Empty Gmail inbox ?

    Off course you can do this, as there haven’t mentioned any such options that we can see all the time nut still there is a option that appears as we do certain selection.

    You can simply follow the steps in order to delete it.

    1. First of all you have to open your Gmail account and click on “inbox”.

    2. As the inbox appears you need to select all the visible mails on that page itself.

    3. After clicking all of them a link would be appeared saying “Delete all 16443” emails in blue shade, thus you have to select it.

    4. A message will be appeared as a confirmation and since you clicked ‘ok’ all the Emails would be deleted.

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    Re: How to Empty Gmail inbox ?

    Thanks dude its working perfectly, but still they should provide any such option which is visible at every moment.

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