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Thread: How to have Privacy on Google+?

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    How to have Privacy on Google+?

    Hello, anyone here using Google +? I want to create an account there as I got a request from a friend. As it claims to have more privacy controls than Facebook. I would like what are the methods it uses to improve upon the privacy.

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    Re: How to have Privacy on Google+?

    The main feature of Google +is the Circles feature. Itís like a real life friend circle, where you can talk and share information, data and pictures to only people from your circle and no one else in the world can see you do it. You can privately share the information that you want and it cannot be accessed and misused by others unlike Facebook where sharing information is a bit hectic and risky. You can also lock your profile so that only your selected circle can view it, and your personal data remains hidden from the world. So, you can select how much private you want to keep your data and your personal profile which is a good thing.

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    Re: How to have Privacy on Google+?

    As I have seen already 10 million people have joined it with over a billion shares. So, I think it will too turn into Facebook in terms of privacy, as all the cyber criminals will now come to Google and leave Facebook behind. I donít think the privacy controls on Google+ are any more enhanced than Facebook and both of them are almost the same.

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    Re: How to have Privacy on Google+?

    Yeah, one warning is necessary. Google + also indexes your profile and anyone can search it on Google and get your profile and other information on the Google Search Engine. So, if you have not shared any private information it is okay or you will have to change the visibility under your profile so that Google never indexes your profile. There are many other small settings like limit people from seeing your circle, limit people from sending a mail to you or just blocking the user you donít like. You can also create different circles and share information with only selected circles. It also remembers the selection in your most recent post and uses the same selected groups in your next post. Also, take care while commenting, as your comments are visible to world even if you have set yourselves to hidden as the wall on which you have commented is public to the world.

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