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Thread: Getting low quality images in firefox browser

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    Getting low quality images in firefox browser

    Hi, I have started using firefox on my Android 2.3.3, and I always use to connect the mobile through the Wi-Fi with the existing network, and everything works perfectly but the problem is with the images that loads up while I surf any of the pages, I would say the Image quality is too poor so is there any way through which we can get the proper Images? Because sometimes I can see the Images very blurry on the pages though they are of good resolution, and captured with the good camera as well. what could be the problem any idea?

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    Re: Getting low quality images in firefox browser

    See I am not sure about the mobile browsing, in fact I havenít used it ever before so not sure about this, but if suppose it same as the PC browser, then I would say till the 5th version there isnít any facility through which we can improve the picture quality. The browser that we use in that fast resizing method is used for images, and this can cause pictures occasionally to come into view fuzzy if the disparity is huge.

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    Re: Getting low quality images in firefox browser

    This is the basic problem with the previous versions but I have heard that the newly come beta 6 has minimized this bug. As we can see the images as they are originally. So I am not sure that whether it work with your device or not but still would suggest you that you can try to install it in your device and if suppose if get installed you can simply have very good Images.

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    Re: Getting low quality images in firefox browser

    Have you checked the settings of the browser ever? Because you can have option for loading the type of Images such as Low quality, medium and the high quality Images, so if the browser has any such settings you must have to change it then only you can see the pictures with a good quality. I have a very simple mobile and in that I have installed opera mini and it has such a option for improving the performance with the browser.

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    Re: Getting low quality images in firefox browser

    See this is because of the device as well, as the major phones are not the NVidia Tegra compatible phones, and because of that only the pictures appear to be blur, but your phone might have neon as well isnít it? if yes then I would like to suggest you that you should make use of that as well, you may get the noticeable difference in images quality for sure. Or as the above user mentioned you should check for the setting if there is any for the Images .

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