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Thread: Looking for the voip service benefits

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    Looking for the voip service benefits

    How is this useful?
    VoIP saves you lot of money on your calls. VoIP gives you the flexibility where to and how to call. With traditional landlines, you are stuck with one location. With VoIP, you can use your VoIP service from anywhere in the world as long as you have high speed internet connection. You can also call using your smart phone (mobile dialers) with VoIP

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    Re: Looking for the voip service benefits

    One thing that is there to be counted in the VOIP service is that it is very costly apart from having many advantages. Over the next couple of years phone over Internet will be the norm for most homes and businesses. Most companies like Sprint and AT&T are already offering VoIP within their internal networks and are starting to offer it as a complete service offering.

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    Re: Looking for the voip service benefits

    The main advantage of VoIP is the cost.* VoIP providers leads to lower monthly fee for local, long distance and international calls than traditional phone service.* Even if you already have a regular phone line, VoIP is a good low cost alternative to add an additional phone line*with extra features and low long distance and international rates. Another important feature is Mobility and portability. You can use the VoIP service anywhere with your internet connection.

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