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Thread: Donít want IE8 in my computer?

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    Donít want IE8 in my computer?

    Hello friends not a big problem for you all I know but a big problem for me itís like I have lots of problem with IE 8 I downloaded it by thinking it would be a good browser to deal with but it has been really frustrating and I donít want it now so I want to remove it, please help me by telling me how can I do that please help me guys I donít what this IE 8 please tell me what to do?

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    Re: Donít want IE8 in my computer?

    Ok so this is really simple donít need to worry about this, just go with simple steps to follow and this would definitely help you out so first go to the Start on the bottom left and then go to the control panel and over there go to install and uninstall the programs and there you would easily find the internet explorer 7 and then just simply double click on it or just a click on it and you would be able to see the repair or remove option and just click on that and follow the instruction and you are done.

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    Re: Donít want IE8 in my computer?

    Hey why do you wont to remove it I have been using it and it is working fine with me I think you need to reinstall it or try or download it from the genuine site this would definitely help you in making it better to work and I wonder what went wrong in this I have been using this since long time and I havenít found any problem may be your pc must be having some virus or you must have downloaded a faulty setup which was already having a problem so just get them fixed and then install it.

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    Re: Donít want IE8 in my computer?

    I know this is an very annoying browser and it has been irritating very much I donít know why they havenít been able to make a proper browser after having such a great success anyways you just do one thing make your other browsers as you default and just delete the shortcut from the desktop and you would surely forget it and just download the Google chrome and all and use them as default browser this would get your problem solved and enjoy the fast browser.

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    Re: Donít want IE8 in my computer?

    Well I have a different solution why you need to delete it and all there is a better solution in this there have been IE 9 been launched and this is a very nice browser I have been using it and it is awesome very fast and very easy to use so I would suggest you to simply make the up gradation just upgrade the present IE 8 to IE 9 and you are done, you would get a nice browser and without any headache.

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    Re: Donít want IE8 in my computer?

    Yap simply follow the steps as been stated above and get rid of it or just go to the program files and delete the complete folder and remove the shortcuts and even if you found it anywhere then to it wonít be opening then and just download chrome or Firefox and enjoy them they have been really a better browser then the IE and any of its version and there is IE 9 and I have heard that its good but I have also heard the complains about it so I wont be suggesting you to use this again.

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    Re: Donít want IE8 in my computer?

    That's really a good choice if you don't i have been fed up of it too i got rid of it long time ago it was really annoying me a lot as it use to get stuck and create lots of problem, you can get rid of it in the ways as it has been suggested by the users and then you need to get some good browsers such as Google chrome Mozilla Firefox they would be really a nice and they dont create any such problems.

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