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Thread: How to find how many Idsí I have blocked by blocking an IP address?

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    How to find how many Idsí I have blocked by blocking an IP address?

    Guys I have a small forum site and I have been new to this and I donít know much about it in deep so I want some help from you all about this, Ok so I have been a user who was bit weird and so I blocked him once and then again a member with a different username started doing the same stuffs and so I did banned him later I thought off checking the IP address and then I found that the IP address starts with ď122Ē for both of them so I think both of them are the same guy and so I did blocked the ď122Ē is it a good idea? Please suggest me?

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    Re: How to find how many Idsí I have blocked by blocking an IP address?

    Dear this is and internet problem the biggest thing is ď122Ē is an important part for the ip address from many reason and I would say this is really very tuff to block someone forever every site has such illegal users and problem and they cant help it instead of deleting them when they do some cheap stuff so I think you need to take care of your forum and donít create a problem to other users thatís it I would be saying better not block the complete ip address part this is not a good idea.

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    Re: How to find how many Idsí I have blocked by blocking an IP address?

    I think you got to use multiple accounts signaling add on. Usually, cookies are based on Flash, and can survive history of compensation and changes in intellectual property. There is no possibility of false positives, since the iteration of a Flash cookie is unique to each team and hence the user, so there is no reasonable way that the impersonation of other users or get it dialed in error. Always correct and excluding application compatibility issues.

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    Re: How to find how many Idsí I have blocked by blocking an IP address?

    Basically I think this is not a good it and this would really have a great affect on your forum. If someone wants to get around an IP block that's done by IP mask it's trivial to use a proxy to access your site. On the other hand may have been disconnected million users of your forum. Many organizations / ISPs use IP addresses were grouped as hundreds and thousands of users behind the same IP as far as Internet is concerned. Comcast clusters IIRC most of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and under the same IP. Banning IP mask are bad for the forum, do not do that.

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    Re: How to find how many Idsí I have blocked by blocking an IP address?

    Ok so I think you may have to develop your own. The biggest flaw in systems of non-governmental level proxy is that the flash code can use the proxy server and grab the IP. Flash is considered a "volatile element" in the proxy circles because of this. A Flash cookie survives a restart of the browser, clear cookies, history clear, etc. The only way for someone to get the flag of cookies is to delete it manually or use something like CCleaner to clean. Of course, the cookie is redownloaded during logon and the user is directed to the page of the ban.

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