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Thread: URL Aliases and Online URL Aliases in maxthon

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    URL Aliases and Online URL Aliases in maxthon

    I have hear d that maxthon has introduced a new browser in the market it just a up gradation of the previous version but still it have included a new feature of creating an alias is that true, I don‘t know as I have still not used this latest version, as if it has some important and keyboard then only I would upgrade my existing version to a newer version. Can anyone here could please help me with this topic.

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    Re: URL Aliases and Online URL Aliases in maxthon

    It would be really awesome to have such a feature on the maxthon that we are having but, I guess it would take some more time for this service to come out as we are already having an url alias service available, but it would take some time to have this service on online this could bring a revolution in the internet world as they would be of great help to the user who don‘t like to use the tools bars and the tab that are previously stored there

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    Re: URL Aliases and Online URL Aliases in maxthon

    It provides you a shortcut for a webpage you are building an alias for if you right tick on a tab at this juncture and select allocate Alias you engrave somewhat like "Val" and push Enter. Every occasion you will engrave "Val" into address bar you will be forwarded to the address that you created an alias this is the straight method to have all essential pages immediately under your fingertip. This would be great for the user who does not like to use the favorite toolbar.

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    Re: URL Aliases and Online URL Aliases in maxthon

    I think it would have a main fault in that the alias that were previously created, no doubt it would be easy to type and remember the websites that we have created, but that would work in the formed on the base of the url redirection as it would re-direct the url to some different url so that would be quite better and use full if the if we directly use then from the favorites toolbar and not from the book marks toolbar, I don‘t think that would be much helpfully

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    Re: URL Aliases and Online URL Aliases in maxthon

    That is really great feature that is available in the MAxthon browser, I have seen and used many other browser but , none of them seems to have a similar feature like ,this is extremely great feature that will now help me to save a lot of time an energy by typing this thanks for for all the help i guess someday i would also help other with same support tht you all gave me , thanks for the time and support that you guys gave,i just cannot repay back that it you.

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