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Thread: How to connect 3G Data Card to a wireless Router

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    blush How to connect 3G Data Card to a wireless Router

    Hi All,

    Till date I was using the BSNL wired broadband with a cisco wireless router. 3 systems use the internet - laptop, wired desktop and a wireless surveilance camera. Now I am thinking of replacing the wired broadband with a 3G data card. But the bottleneck is I can only connect the 3G Datacard to a single computer thru USB and then share the internet which is not a practical solution for all the devices to use.

    In the above scenario, does anybody know any device through which you can connect the 3G Card to the router directly? Here the source of the router is changed to a 3G data card instead of wired braodband. I know we get different wireless routers for datacards too, but dont want to invest money for a new one.

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    Re: How to connect 3G Data Card to a wireless Router

    Firstly what you have to do is connect your laptop to the router and disable the dhcp. Also one more thing that i would like to say here is that right click on the 3g connection in your network control panel and choose sharing, Always bear in mind that while doing this the 3g card needs to be remained on and connected to the router. Then only you will be able to get the apt solution for it. Do try it and let me know if that was of use for you.

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