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Thread: How can I block websites in Google Chrome for my kids

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    How can I block websites in Google Chrome for my kids

    Well I have computer at home. I am married and have kids at. My kids know to use computer and I am afraid of that they might access internet without my presence. As you know that there are porn sites on the web. Due to such dirty websites it will affect my kids. I donít want my children to get such bad habits due to which when they grow up such habits should not affect their carrier. I have heard that we can block the porn sites or the sites which contains Virus. I am using Google Chrome in my PC. So let me know if there is anything through which I can block the sites on Chrome. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How can I block websites in Google Chrome for my kids

    According to your request, we will surely help you out. Just follow the above steps. (1) First of all Open Your Google Chrome Browser. (2) Go to settings menu which is at the upper right corner below close button. The setting button will appear like a spanner, Click Setting and select OPTIONS. After selecting Options, Below NETWORK there is buttons CHANGE PROXY SETTINGS select it. After selecting Proxy Settings >>Internet Properties window will appear then Select PRIVACY >> SITES. Another window will appear Per Site Privacy Actions. Then Add the Website name to which you want to block. After adding the Web Address >> Select BLOCK >> OK. The Site has been successfully blocked, to add more sites you just need to add the web address in the Address bar of PER SITE PRIVACY ACTIONS.

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    Re: How can I block websites in Google Chrome for my kids

    We can also block the sites from the following steps. First of all you need to know simple functions of the computer. (1) Select the START Menu Button on the desktop. After that select RUN option. Now enter the following text in the blank space: notepad c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. (2) A Notepad window will appear on your screen containing cryptic information. Then Go to the last line of the file, hit the Enter key and type the following: (1) (2) (3) After entering the following web data save the file and exit it. Just restart your computer and after that when you try to open the website it will not open. To add more sites you need to add the sites as you did it previously.

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    Re: How can I block websites in Google Chrome for my kids

    You can also block websites from viewing or from harming from data loss of Pc. You can block sites with the help of antivirus software. You need to install a antivirus software in the computer. Install Quick heal Internet Security 2011 in your computer. Buy a licensed version from a hardware/software dealer near you. After installing it and updating till date, it will protect your Pc from Virus and will give you protection to your computer. It automatically detects the website before opening, if it is a Adult/porn site then the message appears the website contains harmful material. It will warn you about the Website. Through which kids will not be able to watch porn sites.

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    Re: How can I block websites in Google Chrome for my kids

    Hi ,

    My friend has developed a software specially for the kids, where in they cannot access any porn websites which is very much secured and safety for the kids..even i have installed the same product at my place for my kids.where in am not afraid to give my laptop to my kids.. if you looking for the product , i can assist you more on that ..

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    Re: How can I block websites in Google Chrome for my kids

    some websites need to be blocked since they contain explicit contents. To block a website manually you need to go to the preferences menu of your current browser and set privacy settings to Strict!

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    Re: How can I block websites in Google Chrome for my kids

    I can suggest an application, where in i am using at home for my kids, instead blocking in google chrome, once u install this application , u don't have to block the any website in chrome, the application acts according to the age groups which is very safe and secured.. if you wish to look at this application i can give you the details and the contact number.

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    Re: How can I block websites in Google Chrome for my kids


    Spotted this forum thread and thought id point you in the direction of OpenDNS.

    It provides Category based content filtering and can be applied at either Router Level or Device Level.

    You have two options (Home DNS and Family Sheild)

    Home DNS is a little more complicated to setup but gives you better filtering control.

    Family shield blocks Pornographic & Adult Content and is preconfigured to do so with no additional configuration required.

    Both of these services are 100% free and will give you the filtering you desire.

    No matter which way you choose to go if you need assistance setting up either there is a dedicated community of opendns members who can point you in the right direction.

    I hope you find this helpful.

    Many Thanks

    M Riley

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