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Thread: How to read Hindi on Internet

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    How to read Hindi on Internet

    Hey guys I was using the Internet since 2 years and itís an awesome experience which I ever got .but recently there are different types of web sites which includes data in different languages like Marathi, Hindi but I unable to read hind I websites so please suggest me to the tool or the software for Hindi reading needed suggestion .Thank you

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    Re: How to read Hindi on Internet

    Hey I will suggest you to use Google script converter. This is a new tool from Google tabs and can help you to read text in any language in any script you want to read this tool supports Hindi language. This tool is used to read as well as write in Hindi. To use this tool go to this link and enter the text or website address you want to convert select your desired language and click convert.

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    Re: How to read Hindi on Internet

    Hey I will suggest you to use Internet Explorer 6 because Internet Explorer has capability to translate to multitude of other languages, from English to Hindi. When you can view web pages in your native language. Your Internet experience is much more pleasant. Setting internet explorer to translate to other languages is easy and takes very little time to do .Instruction for using this tool:
    i) Start Internet explorer on your computer.
    ii) GO to the toolbar and click on ‘Tools’.
    Iii) Find the ‘Internet option’ heading and click on it
    iv) Find the 'Appearance' category and click on the 'Languages' button.
    v) Click the 'Add' button. This will cause Internet Explorer to present you with a very lengthy list of languages.
    vi) Scroll through the list of languages to find the language you want. When you find it, use your mouse to highlight it.
    vii) After completing above processes Click on the 'OK.'option then the current dialog box will close ,after that click on the 'OK' option on the second dialog box, as well then Internet Explorer is now able to translate into your desired language.

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    Re: How to read Hindi on Internet

    Hey I will suggest you that please install Hindi font in your pc. This will help you to read Hindi language. The procedure for installing Hindi font in PC is firstly download hindi font from the internet after that click on the start menu and choose on the control panel option then click on the font option in the control panel after that in Font menu, start the process of install your hindi font which you downloaded from intrnet . after that Navigate the location where you saved the downloaded font,after that open the List of Fonts box,type or click on the font whichever you want to add into your font list after that click on the ok button after clicking on the ok button your process of adding font is completed.

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