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Thread: About:blank search question.

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    About:blank search question.

    Hi, I am using the windows 7 in my laptop, and I use to use the internet on that, it was working perfectly, but don’t know what happens since the last night, I am not getting the proper idea what is happening. Ok let me tell you in brief, when I open the internet explorer browser, it open with a Blank screen, written with the title “about:blank’ on the address bar. And before that whenever I open the browser, it shows me the page google, now how to get that page back? And along with that if I right click on the that blank page and select any resource to situate, a screen appears called about:blank. And on the other hand, if I right click on the search result and select original resource I get redirected to my expected home page that’s Google that I mentioned. Need help what happened wrong?

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    Re: About:blank search question.

    Well, I would say there is nothing that is worried about, I think you have by mistakenly make change in the settings, thus I would like to suggest you that you should first of all make all the settings to their default, if you didnít got, where is the actual problem, and then try to reset the name of the website that you want to be appeared when you click on the browser, this would most probably solve your query for sure.

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    Re: About:blank search question.

    See, there might be possibly so many reason for happening the same problem, as if we start with the very simplest one, if you have changed your home page then this could happen, thus I would recommend you to change it again, to whatever you want. Or else if the browsers cache gets corrupted, then also it leads to the same, thus for this you can simply clear all the cache from your browser and then try to access the websites.

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    Re: About:blank search question.

    Hey you can do many things while such a glitch occurs with the browsers, there are so many quick fixes that you can apply to this, including I would say clear all the history from your browser, and all the cache related to all the websites, thus first of all do that, and if suppose you pursue the same problem, you can simply change all the setting to its default, or this can be happened due to virus also, you should install a good updated antivirus also to the PC also.

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    Re: About:blank search question.

    If suppose you done with all the things mentioned here, and still youíre pursuing the same problem, I would like to recommend you that you should try install the browser again, or you can visit the sites from another browser. As there are so many browser that you can download from the internet and use the, these kind of problem happens in the internet explorer only, regardless of these other browser are too good.

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