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Thread: How to delay Streaming Audio?

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    How to delay Streaming Audio?

    I have NFL audio, a streaming audio in order to hear to games from the home radio station. However, the problem is that it is out of sync along with my Direct TV broadcast. I would like to know whether there is any method to delay the streaming? I am really unaware about the scheme of the things. Do reply people. Thanks in advance as I appreciate that you will be taking out time and replying to me. Take Care.

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    Re: How to delay Streaming Audio?

    Hello buddy, Hoping that things are good at your side . Well, as per my knowledge, I doubt whether you will be able to delay audio streaming when you are watching. I am not sure about it, it will be better if you confirm it from someone else too. As per my knowledge, I believe, that's somewhat which possibly will simply be prohibited at the encoding side. The streamers have completed somewhat wide of the mark in their configuration in case it is that far off.

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    Re: How to delay Streaming Audio?

    You should download SampleSlide from the internet. Simple internet searching and you will be easily able to find it. It can impediment any DirectX Audio stream not only in Milliseconds, nevertheless in Samples also. If you have in case made use of a great number of DirectX Audio plug-ins, you have almost certainly exposed one of the main inadequacies, which is nearly all plug-in and has to some extent dissimilar latencies. Even though in analog space there was numerous answers, there were no straightforward and precise resolution in DirectX for this kind of dilemma.

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    Re: How to delay Streaming Audio?

    Hello. I would imply you to download MiniHost as it is a commanding and full-fledged ASIO host which loads a VST plug-in and procedures it in real-time. It is an request that is proficient to develop audio in real-time. Consecutively, if you wish to postpone your noise, you will require a so called VST plug-in for that. Then insert the feedback parameter of the holdup effect to zero, mix to max as well as tempo sync is supposed to be off. You might require immobilizing the audition of your computer's line in making use of the software mixer of your sound card.

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    Re: How to delay Streaming Audio?

    Streaming audio will until the end of time stop in any case a small amount measured up to enhanced quality live broadcasts . It can be a buffering question. The mere technique to fasten this is to observe if you can place a wait to the live video on DTV. On a personal note, I do not utilize satellite, I am unsure if they provide you this option, although it's what I would do on a Computer. You might be able to do it in VLC. Just open the stream in VLC then go to Tools and then to Track Synchronization.

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