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Thread: How can I increase my speed in mbps?

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    How can I increase my speed in mbps?

    Hello friends hi I have some serious problems going in my mind that is my internet speed is 236.8 Kbps and downloading speed is between 6 to 15 kbps how can I get the speed in mbps. How to increase the speed in mbps. So I was thinking of getting the help from some of the experience people. So please anybody can help me I will be very grateful to them. Thanks in advanced for helping me and giving me your precious time. . . . Thanks once again.

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    Re: How can I increase my speed in mbps?

    Hey dude hi I would like to suggest you that it is not possible to get the speed in megabits per second (Mbps) if your internet speed is 236.8 kilobyte per second (kbps) it is so slow; that your download speed can't be faster that is in megabits per second. So there is only one option that you have to change the internet connection service you have to take faster internet connection service. And you should buy a great plan and buy a good and best modem

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    Re: How can I increase my speed in mbps?

    Hey dude hi you cannot increase the speed of the internet in mbps until you change your internet connection plan. See your internet speed is 236.8kilobyte per second and you are receiving or downloading speed is 6 to 15kilobyte per second that not at all cheating with you as no company will give you the same speed as mentioned it will give you many times less speed than they told. But you can have a bit incensement in your download speed by using a good download manager like Internet Download manager. I hope that you like my suggestion .

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    Re: How can I increase my speed in mbps?

    Hey dude hi from the discussion going on how can I increase my internet speed in Kbps I would like to recommend you that you should need to call your internet service provider and ask them for more speed. And they will tell you the service that they will provide to you (plans) and they will tell the cost of each plan you should take the suitable plan for you. If you want speed you should take the best plan ok buddy . if you want to calculate then divide it by 1024 because 1Mb=1024. . . Good Luck!!!!

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    Re: How can I increase my speed in mbps?

    there in nothing to increase the speed to get it in mbps. it is just a measurement. you can check the speed of your internet through a site/ provider who shows the result it mbps. you can check your speed of your internet through which shows the result in mbps.
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    Re: How can I increase my speed in mbps?

    Fine, I am new in internet industry and by the way thanks for sharing.

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